Short description of the conditions

1. Any way of spamming is prohibited.
2. The services of Dev Logic Engineering may not be used for illegal trade – sale, purchase or offering and extortion of any illegal items, including piracy, illegal substations, weapons, etc.
3. Pornographic content is allowed if it meets the requirements for pornography and does not violate existing laws.
4. Speech / language highlighted on websites or domains that incites hatred and discrimination in any way is not permitted.
5. Any distribution of material that infringes copyright or registered trademark rights is prohibited and the user will be removed as soon as he is noticed by the ICRC administrators.
6. All users, if they are considered to be abusing the services of Dev Logic Engineering, or are associated with illegal activities, are subject to supervision and control by authorized persons – administrators of Dev Logic Engineering or competent persons from Government institutions.
7. Dev Logic Engineering reserves the right, but is not obligated, to check and regulate the content of its customers, and if they violate the terms of use, to remove user accounts or refuse to provide services.
8. Dev Logic Engineering customers agree that in any case, they will not take any action against Dev Logic Engineering.

Detailed description of the conditions

1. Dev Logic Engineering reserves the right to change the terms of use without prior notice. The users of the services of Dev Logic Engineering are obliged to accept the newly established conditions without any restrictions.

2. Dev Logic Engineering has the right to suspend, limit or exclude / stop the services of customers who violate the conditions for using Dev Logic Engineering or the existing laws without any prior notice. Dev Logic Engineering also reserves the right to request from the competent Government Services to submit the information it possesses to a given user if it is established that this will assist in the process conducted by the competent Services. In that case, you agree that in no case, without time constraints, will you hold Dev Logic Engineering responsible.

3. You agree that in the process of initial and all other additional registrations for using the services of Dev Logic Engineering you submit valid and accurate information. You also agree that if there is a change in the information required in the registration, you will notify Dev Logic Engineering in a timely manner.

4. After paying off the debt for using the services or after activating your status as a client of Dev Logic Engineering on the basis of a previous agreement, you will be provided with instructions for using the services. The instructions will include your password and username. It is your responsibility to keep the information you provide confidential and to not share it with anyone. You are also responsible for all activities arising from that username unless otherwise established. You also agree to notify Dev Logic Engineering administrators support@devlogiceng.com if you notice any suspicious activity, especially for those who include your username and password.

5. Depending on the services provided or agreed upon for use, you agree to abide by the established rules and will not exceed or overload the agreed specifications, including the amount of information transmitted through bandwidth, the number of e-mails. email usernames, web and email space available for use and others. If there is an additional agreement with Dev Logic Engineering for possible overruns, you agree to respect it and settle your obligations as required in the agreement.

6. Dev Logic Engineering agrees to accept pornographic content if it meets the legal norms such as: intended audience for pornographic content to be aged or over eighteen (18) years, content not to include material from persons under eighteen (18) years and more. Customers are required to additionally verify the source as well as the data before publishing pornographic material. Dev Logic Engineering is not responsible for the violation of legal norms by the clients and agrees that when it finds illegal content, it undertakes to remove it and suspend the client as soon as possible without prior notice.

7. You as a client of Dev Logic Engineering Services also agree that you will not submit or work with any illegal content, or content that infringes copyright or other rights, including, but not limited to, digital audio / visual files, executable files, archive files and all other types of files and material assets. You also undertake that through the services of Dev Logic Engineering you will not engage in any kind of illegal trade in any legal or illegal means.

8. You are obliged to take into account any local data, through the services of Dev Logic Engineering, taking into account the local, state and international laws and to respect them.

9. Dev Logic Engineering also reserves the right to take appropriate action against users who use Dev Logic Engineering’s services to allow access to illegal content.

10. You also agree that you will not endanger or collect confidential information from other users, Dev Logic Engineering or any other person or organization. Users are also committed to respecting the privacy rights of Dev Logic Engineering, other Dev Logic Engineering customers and all parties involved.

11. If the services of Dev Logic Engineering are used to collect confidential information through web pages, the user of the same, agrees that he is obliged to set an appropriate privacy policy that will inform visitors / users of the website about the procedure.

12.You agree that you will not use the services for storage or distribution of malicious code, scripts or any other type of malware that may result in the creation of software or hardware errors, slow down the computer, or any other a way to compromise the security of Dev Logic Engineering systems, customers or other individuals and organizations.

13. You agree that you will in no way attempt to gain the unauthorized access to authorized and confidential parts of other Dev Logic Engineering or Dev Logic Engineering users.

14. You, using the services of Dev Logic Engineering, agree to publish content that will not discriminate in any way and will not be offensive.

15. You agree that you will not use the services provided by Dev Logic Engineering for the distribution of unwanted e-mails or any other similar material. You also agree that you use the IRC services in accordance with the rules given at the initial registration for use.

16. Dev Logic Engineering reserves the right to block, without prior notice, internal and external access to e-mail addresses that do not comply with the terms of use.

17. You pledge not to use Dev Logic Engineering’s services for fraudulent activities under any circumstances.

18. Dev Logic Engineering in order to provide quality services to its customers provides customer and technical support 24 hours a week. The submission of this support is self-initiated by Dev Logic Engineering and Dev Logic Engineering is not obliged to submit it 24 hours a day.

19. The use of Dev Logic Engineering’s hosting services for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is prohibited and the use of services involving IRC is permitted only on special Dev Logic Engineering servers and services that specify and allow it.

20. By using Dev Logic Engineering’s services, you agree that Dev Logic Engineering is not liable in any case for any misunderstandings, inconveniences or inconsistencies that may arise from the use of the services.

21. After the expiration of the time period for your use of the services of Dev Logic Engineering, if you want to extend that period, the payment is made until or on the day when that deadline expires. After the expiration of the given deadline for use or extension of the contract, Dev Logic Engineering suspends or cancels the offered services without any prior notification. During this process, all your data and files, logs, emails, web pages, etc. can be completely deleted.

22. Dev Logic Engineering does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your business due to the current, partial or complete non-functioning of the services.
23. When renting hosting services from Dev Logic Engineering, you agree to create and store data on an external server. Dev Logic Engineering will save three (3) backups of your hosting data over a period of one year. All hosting data is deleted 365 days from the date of its creation.

24. Dev Logic Engineering does not guarantee that your content will be restored to its original state in the event of an unauthorized access (making changes in whole or in part), human error (inadvertent deletion of site data) or a crash (cancellation of certain software). or Dev Logic Engineering server hardware that would cause data loss – part or all).

25. At the request of the client, Dev Logic Engineering will provide a service: data recovery from an external server at a price of 60 dollars. Dev Logic Engineering does not refund the funds paid after the aforementioned service and does not take any responsibility if the client is not satisfied with the status of the returned data.

26. In case of termination of hosting services due to unpaid debt, if the client wants to take over his data he is obliged to pay 30 dollars for data recovery, and if after terminating the services the client wants to continue using the services in Dev Logic Engineering it is obliged to settle all unpaid debts and pay additional 30 dollars if it wants to return the data it had on the hosting. Dev Logic Engineering will not refund the funds paid after the aforementioned service and will not take any responsibility if the client is not satisfied with the status of the returned data.

27. In case of settlement of all unpaid debts within 15 days by a client with termed hosting services, Dev Logic Engineering will return data from a local server as needed by the client and will charge 100 dollars for the same service. .
28. Dev Logic Engineering enables selective return of certain files from a local backup and the same service is charged once and costs 990 dollars + 18% VAT.

29. Dev Logic Engineering guarantees two free returns on a full backup from a local server per year, and each time this service Dev Logic Engineering will charge 15 dollars + 18% VAT.

30. Discounts for the purchase / renewal of a particular service cannot be combined. If the potential customer has at one point more discount options available (discount coupon, existing promotion by Dev Logic Engineering, etc.), only one can be selected.

31. If the hosting for any package is rented on a monthly basis, the migration of the hosting (from another hosting provider in Dev Logic Engineering, or from one package of Dev Logic Engineering to another package rented in Dev Logic Engineering) is free of charge. Additional support that is not related to a server problem will be charged by hour.

32. The maximum number of emails sent from a domain within 1 hour with a leased service in Dev Logic Engineering is 250 messages. All messages sent above this number will not be sent and will be waiting in line. Also if 40% of the messages you send are invalid and they are returned or rejected by the email servers where you are trying to send them there is server level protection for each account and this limit is reset every hour. All messages sent above this limit will not be sent successfully.
For any questions and information regarding the terms of use or services of Dev Logic Engineering, please contact us.